A Tour of Big Cat Rescue

I am glad these beautiful animals can now live in a bit of dignity.It is good that this place exist. It is sad that such a place is needed.

Dogpaddling Through Life

For my upcoming birthday I decided to give myself a tour of Big Cat Rescue. I’ve always wanted to see the sanctuary for myself, and so I did.

I have to say, it was not what I expected.

Oh, not the rescue itself. The 60 acres are well-maintained and give the resident cats places both sunny and shady to roam. The cats are moved about periodically to give them a different experience. Big Cat Rescue trucks in 500 lbs of meat per day to feed the cats. Interns and paid staff work to keep the enclosures clean, including daily scooping of big cat poop.

IMG_6127 Old guys like this panther require vet care too. If you look carefully you can make out his white beard. 

It’s just that I hadn’t thought through the reason this sanctuary exists. I was imagining healthy, happy cats, both big and not-so-big, living out…

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