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Rethinking Life


Picture from: Public Domain

“I look just like you, don’t I?  Well, except for the wings, I mean.  Maybe the sword too, but not everyone can see the sword.  Most people can’t see the wings either and those who can just think there’s something wrong with their eyes, or it’s a trick of the light.  Humans are so good at not seeing things they don’t want to see.  We all laugh about it.  When one of you does admit that something strange has happened, no one believes you. If you keep talking about it, you end up alone, or in a mental institution.  That works for all of us, I can tell you that.  You keep our secrets for us and we don’t even have to modify your thoughts.

See, different life forms have used earth as a battle ground since the beginning of time.  We are everywhere.  We are…

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