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Enchanted Forests

The previous Blog “The Enchanting Cursed River” was an introduction to an absolutely fascinating and Unique River Basin  in the Midst Of India.

The area is home to numerous endemic and unique species of Flora and Fauna which abounds on the Rocky Crags which tower majestically over a Vast River.

Some of which I was fortunate to see and will share with you as the days go by.

The charm of seeing Birds in their Natural Habitat whereby they have selected a location to Roost is magically Enchanting .

Spotting these Majestic Storks alongside a Cursed but Pristine River in the Heart of India was thus a splendid Stroke of Luck.

The Bishop Stork or Woolly-Necked Storks ( English),  Shwetakanth mahabak  ( Sanskrit), Ciconia episcopus ( scientific Name) are Storks endemic ( native) to the Indian Sub-Continent.

Can you spot them on the Tree

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