Ostara Activity:Making and Wearing New Clothes

Ostara Activity:Making and Wearing New Clothes

Ostara Activity:Making and Wearing New Clothes

Making and wearing new clothes is a Ostara activity that embodies the celebration of newness that is the spring equinox. Ostara is about new growth in the plants, trees and animals. The energy is about renewal, regrowth and regeneration. After the end of a long cold dark winter, spring is in the air and there is the promise of long sunny summer days to come. This is the time of planting new crops, the birth of new baby animals like baby chicks and baby bunnies. Ostara is a time of hope and renewal and the rebirth of the sun shining brightly in the sky. The drab dark days are ending as the sun shines more brightly in the sky. Ostara is the season when that which has gone dormant becomes revitalized, alive, and reborn.

Making and wearing new clothes is way to wrap this new fresh energy around your physical body and bring the energy of newness and revitalization to your being. A new dress for the spring equinox holiday has been a tradition for thousands of years, as people sought to participate in the regeneration of life all around them. You can participate in this Ostara tradition by making your own clothes — or if you aren’t friends with your sewing machine, buying them and wearing them. Enjoy the feeling of freshness and renewal that comes with this Sabbat. Choose a pretty spring color to wear, even if it is an accent to your otherwise darker wardrobe. There is much magick to be gathered and focused by bringing the optimistic, fun and playful energy of this Sabbat close to your body!

While you are thinking of new clothes for yourself, also think about some new “clothes” for your altar. Incorporate the themes of Ostara in your magickal work by including a basket of dyed eggs, a fluffy toy chick or cuddly stuffed toy rabbit and some spring flowers like daffodils, forsythia, crocuses, tulips or hyacinths. Take a walk in the woods and notice the signs of spring and new life all around you. Never underestimate the power your presence and focus brings to fresh new beginnings for yourself, your life and the world around you.

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