La Scarzuola: An Umbrian Hub of Mystery & Eccentricity


 Located in the Montegabbione area of Umbria, La Scarzuola is a Franciscan convent and a complex made by a Milanese architect- Tomaso Buzzi.

DSC02809 Citta Ideale

Buzzi bought La Scarzuola in 1957 and began restoring it to create an “Ideal City” (Città Ideale).The complex is nothing but a result of a series of hundreds of sketches that Buzzi made. The place was built and rebuilt after which it collapsed and re-done countless times.

DSC02801 The entrance

But what is the Ideal City? I wonder.

Buzzi wanted to create a city that shows the ideal path of life to each individual. For me, it was unusual, quirky, imaginative yet hard to understand. The place is strange and requires a guide to take it all in.


DSC02856 My lovely guide- Brian

I was lucky to be with Brian- an Australian who loved the place so much that he converted and settled in La Scarzuola and…

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