Tarot Readings

This inspired me to take out my cards and ask some question:)

Jillian's Tarot

I love how tarot readings can be used as a tool to help us make our life work better for us.

oracle-cards pixabayWhen you have a problem or someone or something’s troubling you or you wish you knew whether to take that new opportunity, what do you do? Maybe you toss and turn at night trying to figure things out or you run it past a friend or colleague or perhaps you hope it’ll resolve itself and sort itself out in time.  But what if you had access to a wise counsellor, an impartial adviser who had no attachment to any particular outcome but simply wanted the best for you?  That’s how I see the tarot: as a guide, a mirror, a bright lamp, a cheer-leader, a supporter. A resource that we can use to assist us to see things more clearly.

I regard a tarot reading not as fortune telling or predicting something…

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