Card of the Day – The Hanged Man – Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tarot by Cecelia

This is not a pause on your path. The Universe only asks that you put everything into perspective. At this time, you should now be able to see how unhealthy that previous life really was for you. The Hanged Man is all about looking at life from different angles; sometimes perspective becomes stagnant and focus is not in the proper direction.

Much has been sacrificed along the way; however, you can finally begin to see that this period of sacrificing is on its way out…permanently. The new view you have of your life up until this point, and your goals, will allow you to make improved decisions for years to come.

See you here tomorrow!

Thanks in advance for your share!❤️

Source: The Bali Tarot

This card was last seen November 6, 2015

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