Dust to Dust by Tami Hoag

Dust to DustDust to Dust by Tami Hoag
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This story line deals with a Minneapolis Police Department that is dealing with the embarrassing death of an Internal Affairs officer. internal affairs investigator Andy Fallon is found dead in his home, everyone is rushing to conclude the investigation into his death. Fallon’s death could be a potential embarrassment to the police department and hurtful to his father know as Iron Mike who left the force a hero. Fallon was investigating the murder of a gay police office who was beaten to death in his home. Kovac and Liska the homicide detectives on the case are not so quick to believe that Fallon’s death was a suicide even though there were multiple reasons to believe it was. Andy had just let his father know that he was gay this did not go over well. The investigation he was working on ended unsatisfactorily. Kovac and Liska investigation follows a twisting path through the past and the present to an unexpected yet satisfying end.

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