Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 2

Love your quotes

Myasthenia Gravis


I apologize for not doing these 3 days in a row! I totally got sick and took a hiatus to get better and then totally forgot about it! However, picking up where we left off…is this lovely nugget from Einstein. I find this quote relatable because no matter what it one has to learn from their mistakes to move on. If you do not you are truly doomed to continue to repeat them. If you are constantly repeating them yet you cannot understand why these things keep happening , then you are not truly sitting down and being honest with yourself and comprehending what it is that is occurring.

download (2).jpg

For by lying to yourself you are not only hurting yourself but if there are those around you that love you they are hurt too because they eventually pull away because they can longer deal with the LIE that you have…

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