Card of the Day – Judgement – Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tarot by Cecelia

I absolutely love the placement and timing of this card. It signifies a rebirth coming your way. One needs to remember that endings and beginnings tend to swirl together; you can not have one without the other. You really must pay attention to your inner voice and recognize your calling. You were meant to change things in a drastic way this year; next months eclipses on March 8 and 23 are going to provide the impetus you need to get going.

Judgement (pardon the misspelling, but,99% of Tarot cards spell judgment incorrectly) time is decision time. How do you choose to live the next chapter of your life? Indeed, life does play out in chapters. You have the opportunity to rise above all of the nonsense which has plagued you primarily since 2012 and live the next part of your life in a more suitable fashion which lends to your…

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