Guest Post: I am a Community Cat advocate. How about you?

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5 thoughts on “Guest Post: I am a Community Cat advocate. How about you?

  1. My neighbors and I do TNR, we schedule the ASPCA spay neuter van and take as many as we can at a time. We have taken more than we can even count to be neutered. There are hundreds of feral cats in our neighborhood and my friend feeds them all every day. We made shelters for some of them. It’s such a pervasive problem. I have had a cast away living in my backyard for 6 years he is very sweet.

      1. My neighbor is really involved I just help. She had helped thousands of cats and has made a cat sanctuary in her carriage house where she has taken in over 20 cats that she feeds and cares for daily.

      2. Again that is awesome I did at one time care for 26 cats we found homes for most and the rest went to a no kill shelter. I have not taken on anything that ambitious since. Where I live now I do not see a lot of feral cats I actually adopted the one that did come to me and she and her kittens are now in charge of my house.