They Do WHAT to Dogs?

Thank you for once again bringing attention to this unconscionable situation.

Dogpaddling Through Life

Everydaywe hear voices from around the world protesting the abuse and/or death of innocent dogs and cats.

Buggie is at the vet. Imagine if he lived his whole life this way? But when it comes to dogs and catsbeing used in laboratory experiments around the world, those voices are eerily silent.

Why is that?

Some studies indicate we tolerate the cruelty of animal testing because we think it keeps us safe from harmful products and improves our life span through medical testing.

So each year in the US over 72,000 dogs, mostly beagles, and 24,000 cats live their lives in sterile laboratories. Those animals used to come from shelters and Class B dealers who got them who knows where? Now the animals are usually bred by Class A dealers to be sold to the labs. The dealers offer “devocalization services,” meaning they surgically alter the dog so it can no…

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