Sweatpants Yoga for Oldsters Like Me

I believe this is just what I need. I don’t really have a schedule that would allow for yoga classes as the distance I would need to go to find a studio is over 20 miles.

Dogpaddling Through Life

So I started doing yoga.

I know, right? I thought yoga was only for young rich white people who wanted to look cool too.

Turns out yoga is for everybody, including old, fat people like me.

Mycounselorsuggested I give it a try as a means of dealing with stress.

So I found a web site with some suggested poses for folks like me, and gave it a try.

And ya know what? This is some good stuff!

ab3d736cf1ac0826207674294dc13931 This also looks good for someone like me. Those pains I’ve been feeling in my muscles and joints? They are lessening. And I’m finding I need less coffee to get up and go. Which is good, because I learned coffee is not my friend. Coffee is a drug I use to encourage a drop of cortisol, an adrenaline hormone, to get me through the day.

The cortisol is probably responsible for my not…

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