Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project

Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project

Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project

Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project: Leading a new wave of Cuban sounds

Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project are bringing soul into Cuban jazz, in a musical expression which is leading a fresh wave of sounds coming from the Caribbean island.

Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project’s debut album ‘Rumba con Flores’, released on 5 February on Movimientos Records, showcases Eliane Correa’s deep devotion to jazz and the Afro-Cuban tradition and her ability to take these cherished forms and create a wonderfully fluid record that pays tribute to the past, but also expresses her love of the current sounds of neo-soul, R&B and urban Latino music.

The strong presence of Afro-Cuban roots and folk music through batá drumming and rumba rhythms on ‘Rumba con Flores’ is complemented by the newest grooves of contemporary soul and funk. A fresh fusion of jazz, soul and Afro-Cuban folkloric music, Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project redefines Cuban music as something innovative and unexpected.

The varied ingredients of each composition come together to bring a fresh take on what is “Latin” and what is “jazz”.

The fusion is a product of the Latin pianist, composer and bandleader’s globetrotting, it appears. The half Argentinian, half Cuban Eliane Correa spent her early childhood in Luxembourg, frequently visiting her family home in Buenos Aires, often by way of musical stops in Africa and the Caribbean.

Eliane Correa & En El Aire project started as an experimental studio collaboration in London in 2011, bringing together musicians from London’s Cuban and jazz/funk scenes through Correa’s compositions. Receiving great feedback both in London and Havana, the project eventually became an album, in which over 30 musicians on both sides of the Atlantic took part in the recording.

Tipped by Gilles Peterson as one of the freshest new sounds to come out of the Cuban capital, the result is a melting pot of sounds, one that takes a giant leap from the traditional.

Eliane Correa & En El Aire Project’s ‘Rumba con Flores’ is out on Movimientos Records (http://www.movimientos.org.uk) on 5 February


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