Tarot Spread: Brid’s Cross

Tarot Spread Brid’s Cross

Tarot Spread from “Tarot for all Seasons”  (celebrating the days and nights of power) by, Christine Jette.  Pages 69,70,71 2001 Llewellyn Publications. In honor of Imbolc I decided to share this tarot spread. In many ways it resemble a snow flake. I used a snow flake to demonstrate where each card should go in the spread.  A month has passed since the holiday celebrations we are now in the cold dark icy days of winter that seem to stretch on forever.  The energy of Imbolc is a reminder that spring is coming and a perfect time to check on the seeds we have sown at the beginning of the new year. This is a time of rest and preparation for the spring when life gets busy again. We are able to be outside in our gardens or just enjoying the longer days. For now use this time of rest for introspection, this divination form can assist you in making  sure you are on track with your plans for the coming year.

Tarot Spread Brid’s Cross

Position 1: Strength: This card shows where you are strong. If you don’t like this card, it may be because it describes a painful life experience that has made you strong—or will make you strong if you directly face the issue.
Position 2: Heart’s Desire: Your deepest desire. What do you really want? This card may surprise you. Do you dare to speak of your secret dreams?
Position 3: Healer: What needs to be healed if you are to be strong? Note whether or not there is a relationship between position one and this card. Does this card describe a situation give you advice about a situation?
Position 4: Creative Inspiration: When healing energy is released, creative inspiration is the result. What are you inspired to do? What creative activity fires you up?
Position 5: Making Plans: Based on the creative information of position four, what plans can you now make? Look for the relationships between cards three, four, and five. Healing energy produces a creative spark that needs planning to become real.
Position 6: New Growth: What is the promise of spring that lies just beneath the snow? By knowing where you are strong and focusing on your heart’s desire, healing releases a creative fire that offers new beginnings. What is your promise of spring?

compiled by Dyanna Wyndesong

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