Herbal Pharmacy – 9

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Mystical Magical Herbs


Herb-Infused Honey

Select an herb to infuse with the honey — delicate herbs such as rose petals, chamomile and lavender for a mild flavor, — and rosemary and mint or thyme for a stronger flavor. If you prefer a citrus flavored honey, use the zest of a grated orange or lemon.

You’ll need a small glass jar with a lid, and a muslin bag or tea bag. Fill the bag with your herb of choice and tie the ends together to secure the bag. Place the bag on the bottom of the jar and slowly pour in enough honey to cover the bag. Place the lid on the jar and set the jar in a warm area. The kitchen is a good choice. After a week, taste the honey. If the flavor is strong enough, scoop out the bag, or leave it in if a stronger flavor is desired.


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