Writer’s block “it ain’t”

Writer’s block “it ain’t”

Writer’s block “it ain’t”

On my own spiritual journey, I have found it  rewarding to write about my experiences and chart what I have learned along the way. Writing in this manner has been a cathartic experience, enabling me to become fully aware, without the need to analyse, and allowing me to subsequently release that which does not belong to my inner being.

When I was working in newsrooms, I found it a stifling and un-creative environment. News writing is a skill and there is a knack to it, but that knack is also based on a formula, which does not bode well if you write of “free pen” as I like to call it.

 Writer’s block “it ain’t”

It’s not that I suffered from writer’s block necessarily but when you had a news editor, with a stress level off the richter scale, breathing down your neck saying: “get a flippin’ move on and finish up” – yep “old school” newspaper hacks don’t mince their words – that energy just used to make me tense up and lose my chain of words.

For a writer, those environments can either “make you” or “break you”. The experience made me realise that that kind of aggressive, negative energy was not conducive to “who I am” nor “what I am here to write”. That said, I wasn’t really aware of my Soul or my true self at that point in my life, and found myself coasting in-and-out of writing jobs but none of them truly what my Soul desired.

Writer’s block “it ain’t”

I wanted to work as a music journalist – that was the path my Soul wanted to walk at that point. I worked for various mags doing reviews and interviews, but a stint at a dance music mag made me think otherwise. I recall being verbally abused by one of the editors for expressing my reflection of a tune which was playing on the office music system, and then told that my writing didn’t follow the “house style” – what he was really saying was it didn’t follow his formula of music journalism.

The following year, I ended up in a newsroom – far removed from music and even further away from the creative path of my Soul. Situations like the ones I found myself in may knock a person’s confidence. Fortunately even though I didn’t have a “conscious awareness” of my Soul, I always knew that I was meant to write “by any means necessary” but not necessarily in the environments where I kept plonking my Soul’s butt down.

If you are a writer and you are struggling with writer’s block, it’s not always that you “just can’t get the words out”. You can but there’s blocks getting in the way but not writing blocks necessarily.


Whether you are a journalist, writer, scriptwriter or copywriter, there are many aspects to your life. Writing may be your career or it maybe something you desire to pursue as a career or it’s simply something you enjoy doing for yourself, but as a “writer” or any other profession for that matter, there are other aspects to you and your life – career, finances, relationship, family, and health and wellbeing are all aspects of your life too.

If you are struggling with writer’s block, the “true” block may be stuck in another area of your life. For instance, if you are a freelance journalist and you have concerns about money and when you are going to get your next gig, you are creating blocks in your finances, but that obvious hole in your finances may also manifest in your world as “writer’s block”.

I have helped writers to overcome writer’s block by helping them identify exactly where those blocks are coming from. For some, the source comes as a surprise to them, and for others, not so surprising but they have buried it so deep it’s taken on a life force of its own.

It’s no secret that we create our lives – and create we do – but not always what we want. If you think a negative thought about your writing say, that thought goes a long way in creating exactly that which you don’t want. Be very conscious of what you create, and that goes for the words you vocalise as well as write.

When I speak or write now, I am more conscious of the words I use. For instance, I could have been disparaging of those editors I encountered that I used as examples earlier, but all that does is create more of the energy that I don’t want in my life. Negative thoughts, thought-forms and beliefs don’t belong to my Soul, so my Soul ain’t gonna waste her words, energy nor breath on anything that is not a reflection of her.

When your Soul or true self is in charge, it is very unlikely that you find yourself working in places like that or with people like that. Yes there’s always going to be “awkward” or “difficult” people in the workplaces. But your Soul is not going to put you in a position which does not resonate with her or him, so if you’re getting blasted in your workplace, it maybe time to ask your Soul whether he or she truly wants to be there. Then ask your Soul to show you his or her work and what steps she/he needs you to take to make that happen. Note, Souls do not use the financial “excuse” as a reason to stay in a job either. And as for dealing with editors like those previously mentioned, they’ll be mincing their words or even lose the power of speech when face-to-face with your Soul.

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