Guest Post: Music: Raising the Vibes on this Reality

Guest Post:Music: Raising the Vibes on this Reality Guest Post:Music: Raising the Vibes on this Reality

Music’s always been my first love when it comes to the creative realms. Even though I am a journalist and writer by way of my Soul, I draw much inspiration from music when writing chapter and verse.

I’ve always found music to be the most creative, abundant and vibrant offerings on this Planet. Sure I love movies and the arts, but hey not even great acting can knock the socks off of my Soul in the same way that a good tune stirs my Soul.

That’s most likely why I’ve paired the two and chosen to write about music since the two are deeply embedded in my Soul’s “psyche”, if it were.

I was listening to an interview with one of my all-time favourite musicians, Roy Ayers, on the radio recently. He was being interviewed by the equally trailblazing DJ Gilles Peterson. Gilles Peterson mentioned how he finds that a lot of musicians he meets have “lost the appetite to listen to music”.

In reply, Roy Ayers said: “There’s not too many people that are new. The record companies have cut back a lot of musicians and that also means that there’s not a lot of creativity happening to let it go a step higher.”

Music has always been one of those forms that has permeated all outlets and avenues whether it’s low-key or on a mainstream level. I agree with Roy Ayers to a certain extent as the backing of record labels enables the creativity to roll like a domino effect allowing it to reach out to a wider audience and to inspire many.

But the creativity is there, just not on a level that is “accessible” or “reachable” necessarily. If you don’t know the music’s there and it doesn’t have an outlet, then you wont find it unless you are prepared to hunt for it.

As a kid and even now, I’ve always been into the more lesser-known artists or the ones supported by the niche independent labels. That for me was where the hot bed of creativity was as the indies were usually set up by music-loving people devoted to getting the sounds out. I always enjoyed digging deep and would search “round the houses” for music no matter what. And it was worth it. But I know that not everybody has that desire to search for new talent and champion it. They’d rather have it handed to them via the usual outlets.

Creativity always flows and its abundant but it just doesn’t always reach its intended destination, largely because that energy is not being directed or circulated properly. The energy not flowing as it should is usually an indication of an imbalance somewhere. Think about it, if there’s a whole heap of music being generated throughout this entire reality but record companies, say, are making cutbacks then that alone is creating a block in the energetic flow and if musicians who are not “making their break” become tired or negative as a result, that too creates blocks.

To bring balance to the energetic flow not only requires the music industry to change – let’s face it though, in the grand scheme of things, the music industry is tiny in comparison to the amount of music that is being created on this reality and 75-80% of that musical energy doesn’t even reach the “industry” so the industry makes up a very small proportion of the musical energy that flows on this reality – but it requires something more than that and way bigger and that is changing the “mindsets” of musicians on a mass scale and that includes anyone with an instrument, pub singers through to the popular mainstream musicians.

That is a job that starts on a small but far-reaching level. It usually starts with you the musician as an individual working with your Soul. Working with your Soul enables changes to be made and thus changing the energetic flow of music in this reality, bringing it closer to balance and removing the energetic blocks.

Not every musician’s going to wanna change though, but that’s cool, because that’s all part of the balance too. Just as there’s an imbalance now in large part due to the formulaic shows such as X Factor that are producing more beings that wanna be pop stars but don’t necessarily have the musicality. Not only does that “water down” and some would even go as far to say “poison” the musical energy on this reality, but it also creates a whole heap of “wannabes” who are projecting some not so positive energies thanks to some “fat cats” promising the earth quite literally. Oh yes the music industry operates in the same way as the banking and financial world, it could be fair to say as many musicians would vouch for. Either way there’s got to be a balance – what that balance looks like who knows, but there will be massive changes in the music world in the near future.

Whether you are destined to be a musician, your Soul will make it happen by any means necessary. Be it signing to a major record label; self-releasing an album like the savvy Little Simz; setting up your own label like the 22a guys regardless of finances; there will always be a means for your work to be heard, applauded and loved by many no matter how “small” or “big” it may appear.

When you are an artist and you follow your intuition, your music and the need to create has no barriers or limitations, in spite of record label cutbacks, lack of finances or trying to get a gig. That really doesn’t matter to your Soul.

Every musician has their own story, but if you allow your Soul to take charge, none of what is happening “out there” can affect what your Soul has to offer in terms of his or her music.

Sure there will be challenges, but when you operate from a deeper Soul level, there are viable solutions to those challenges and the results are far greater.

Your Soul’s contribution will not just be felt on a physical level by people appreciating your music, but on a universal, collective, energetic, vibrational level which in itself banishes the blocks, enabling you to contribute to helping tomorrow’s musicians get their start in life without the BS you may have experienced.

So what I’m saying is if you want to make music and it’s in your “blood” but get jarred off by what is happening in the industry or people’s “lack of tastes”, so to speak, don’t allow that to affect the lyrics or notes that your Soul has to offer this Planet. Yeh that’s right, musicians are doing just as much for this Planet than “environmentalists”. Music raises the vibrational level on this reality, and the higher the psi vibrations on this reality, the more this Planet operates at a level that is more positive. So you’re not doing anyone a dis-service if your music doesn’t reach beyond the local level, it still has an impact.

Of course, not all music raises the psi levels, especially if it’s steeped in negative lyrics or thrash trash sounds, without dissing any music genres here. Think about it, the hugely talented Pharrell’s happy clappy tune “Happy”, as cheesy as it may have been to fans of some of his earlier N.E.R.D. stuff, was a massive worldwide hit, but also a high psi emitter meaning way more for this reality than one can imagine.

You don’t have to have a number one hit or make it “big time”, but as long as you are guided by your Soul in the music that you make or produce, you will be more than fulfilled – way more than if you seek that which does not resonate with your Soul and just follows the norms of every other musician out there wanting to “make it”. Allow your Soul to guide you and you will be pleased with the outcomes, for sure.

And if you are worried about gaining a fan base or following, or getting trailblazers like Gilles Peterson to play your music on air, that’s another thing that really don’t matter to your Soul, because when you operate from a Soul level, that all falls into place – you will discover like-minded Souls who will support you on your journey.

All you have to do is just be and let go of any “human” notions, concepts and ideas of what it means and takes to be a musician. A more balanced approach to your music also in turn brings balance to the musical energy on this reality. So just think for a moment how much change you as a musician can make and through your contributions not only change your life, the lives of others who are touched by your music but also to this Planet or reality as a whole. Mother Earth has been crying out for balance on this world for centuries now so as a musical or creative Soul, b e a part of the bigger picture. Go with your Soul’s flow and you’ll find that way more comes out of you creatively than ever before. It’s a win- win situation on all accounts.

Rosalyn Medea is a journalist, spiritual life coach, intuitive reader and all-round creative warrior

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