Book Review: ‘New Eco Homes’ by Manuel Gutierrez

new eco homes

new eco homes

Do you dream of having your own sacred eco space? If the likes of Grand Designs and Amazing Spaces leave you wanting more, check out this book, ‘New Eco Homes’ by Manuel Gutierrez, for inspiration.

Taking a look at 35 homes, ‘New Eco Homes’ showcases the latest innovation in sustainable architecture and eco-friendly design.

‘New Eco Homes’ explores various aspects of modern eco design, from its environmental and economical benefits, to factors considered when choosing materials: how much energy went into manufacturing the product, whether it is long-lasting, and whether it can be recycled or safely disposed of as it eventually breaks down.

Each of the 35 projects contain photographs, floor plans, and detailed drawings that illustrate specific sustainable features.

You don’t have to move home to make your abode eco-friendly. You can still make simple changes to your existing home, where possible, and ‘New Eco Homes’ by Manuel Gutierrez may go some way to help you envisage that.

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