Game review: Battle for Big Blue

Battle for Big Blue

Battle for Big Blue

Legendary producer Pharrell’s line of sustainable denim for iconic brand G-Star is heading for its fourth collection. But the collaboration’s raising awareness campaign of the perils of plastic pollution on ocean life doesn’t stop at the collections.

 Battle for Big Blue

Battle for Big Blue is a free app that has been developed as part of G-Star’s RAW for the Oceans campaign. The free app, available on Apple and smartphones, aims to be both educational and fun.

Battle for Big Blue is a journey through the oceans that teaches mobile gamers something about the severity of pollution on our seas.


In the free game, you navigate your way through the oceans as an octopus, collecting plastic bottles and trying to avoid sea creatures who block your path or swim at you. Running into blowfish, sharks and eels causes you to lose one of three lives. The aim is to swim through all five levels (each level represents a different ocean), collecting as many bottles as you can.

The graphics for Battle for Big Blue are retro and minimalist, making it appealing to all age groups. It’s an easy game to navigate through so even those who aren’t avid game players will enjoy it too. The sounds are produced by Pharrell, so inevitably these dance music-style beats are catchy and make the game play all the more engaging.


The game, which is also educational, provides facts at the start of each level, including “Today our oceans contain six times more plastic than sea life” and “Discarded plastic sinks to the bottom of the ocean and gets into the food chain”.

A novel part to the game is that you can play against Pharrell, which places another octopus in the screen so you can see his movements and his score as you compete against him.

An entertaining yet thought-provoking app from a trailblazing and pioneering pairing. Bring on the battle for the oceans, Pharrell and G-Star!

Battle for Big Blue is available from the Apple App Store and the GooglePlay Store

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