Feng Shui for the Northeast

Feng Shui for the Northeast Bagua

Feng Shui for the Northeast Bagua
The Northeast area of the Bagua is the place where you will have to bring cures to enhance Personal and Spiritual Growth. The cures will either have to be of the Earth Element, or the element that nourishes it which is Fire. Here are some cures that can create good Feng Shui in the Northeast Bagua of your home:
Art that contains strong Earth element such as pictures of mountains for example. Art that is connected to your spiritual quest or Art with Fire elements. Tall lights and candles in this area with Fire element colors such as red, orange, and purple are considered a good cure. Avoid metal and water element colors such as gray, white, blue, or black and anything circular or wavy shaped. You may also consider painting the walls in this area any Earth or Fire colors such as yellow, beige, earthy/sandy colors, red, orange, purple, or pink.

Personal Growth and spiritual Growth
Your personal growth direction is also the best direction to face for meditation. It will bring you results much faster and enable you to concentrate better. The way this work is that by facing your personal growth direction, the energies coming from that direction will be the most auspicious for you. Determine your personal growth direction using the Pa Kua Lo Shu formula. This formula use your lunar year of birth and your gender. If you are a student energizing this direction will help you to study better.

Sources: Creating Abundance with Feng Shui by Lillian Too