What We Call Family

Looks Like Family to me

Dogpaddling Through Life

I looked up the definition of family at Merriam-Webster online. There are many definitions, but the first one was: a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head

I think that fits the grouping that lives in my home.

True, to others it may seem as a single woman living with her pets, but within the household are individuals who care for and relate to one another.

bffs Wait! You two aren’t supposed to get along!

So when, on Sunday morning, Junior was limping and would not put weight on his right rear leg, Rumpy and I were both concerned. Rumpy smelled of Junior’s leg to try to determine what was wrong, while I called to see if I could get him in to see a vet that day. As it was, the emergency vet clinic told me their X-ray machine was not working and Banfield…

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