Feng Shui for the North

Feng Shui for the North

Feng Shui for the North enhances your Career Luck

Feng Shui for the North

The Feng Shui element for the North is water. So the cures you will have to bring will either be of the water element or the element that nourishes it which is metal. The life area connected to the north bagua area of your home is the life path/ career section. It is recommended to reflect, in some of your North Feng Shui cures, the energy that you desire in your career. The north is a secondary wealth location, items to avoid in the North/Career bagua area are big crystals, big plants,colors green, earthy, red, purple or images of fire and wood.
Here are some Feng Shui cures recommended for the North:
A big mirror oval or round in shape.
Black and white images that are big and bold. Images that represent the career path that you desire.
An actual water feature such as a fountain. A good feng shui water fountain is highly ornamental and should be pleasing to the eyes
Lights are good to have in this area and art that depicts water or deep blue colors
You may also choose to paint the walls in blue colors  Favorable color: Water color (blue and black) Enhancing color : Metal Colors (gold, silver, grey, white)
Be sure your Career area is clean and clutter free, as well as visually expresses the energy of freshness and success.


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