10 Magical Uses for Rosemary

Thank you great info, I grow it as one of my indoor herbs as well.

Moody Moons

If you’ve got rosemary in your garden, it may be one of the only ones still available for fresh harvest this time of year.  Of course, that’s because this powerful little aromatic is an evergreen, making it a go-to of mine all year long.

rosemary smudge copy1.  Plant it by your front door for protection.  Some variety of rosemary grows well in almost every region of the continental of the US.  It practically takes care of itself, and I kill everything.  Plant it near the door for protection.

2.  Use rosemary essential oil for cleansing.  Rub it on tools, crystals and gemstones to cleanse and consecrate.

3.  Include in kitchen witch spells for love.  Rosemary is, of course, both edible and delicious!  Include it in a red meat dish and bless it for passion.

4.  Wear it during exams at school to improve memory.  The scent of rosemary is believed to…

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