Fehu the rune symbolic of earned income

Old English=feoh

Germanic, Anglo – Saxon, Elder = fehu

Meaning= Nourishment, Possessions, Wealth,

Image = Cattle

Color  = Light Red

Herb  =  Nettle

Tree  =    Elder

Deity =   Aesir

To the Northern Europeans, this rune meant cattle. In archaic times, cattle were the measure of a man’s worth. They gave him status within his tribe, and they kept him and his family alive. Through hard work and careful husbandry, his herds would prosper, calves would appear, and he became richer. As time went on cultural behaviors changed, gold and other materials replaced cattle as the primary indicators of wealth, but the rune FEHU remained a symbol of earned income.. something which has to be worked for but will produce an expected source of revenue. This is a rune of fulfillment-something which you have been striving toward will finally be within your grasp. It signifies overcoming opposition; it suggests that you have what it takes to win over the opposing forces through diligence and hard work. It can also indicate a fortunate new career opportunity. When reversed it can indicate a loss or disappointment of some sort if you continue on in the same manner. It may just be a delay or obstacle in your path that you would prefer not to deal with at this time. It can indicate frustration in your life and problems maintaining your financial or emotional status, or doubtful situations.