I am pretty sure I have had a similar conversation with my daughter in the distant past.

Rethinking Life


Picture from:  Pinterest

“Hello, Mummy?  I think we took a wrong turn.”

“Where’s your brother, is he still with you?”

“Of course he’s with me.  I know exactly where he is.”

“Don’t let him wander away.  One distraction and he’s gone.  Hold his hand.”

“He’s not walking away from me and I can’t hold his hand right now, but don’t worry.”

“What do you see around you?”

“Buildings but nothing looks familiar. Should I just keep walking?”

“Can you see a street sign?”

“I think there’s one up ahead.”

“If you see a lady, as her where you are and give her our address.”

“Okay.  I’ll call back when I find something or someone.”

“Don’t lose your brother.”

“I’ve tried to lose him before but he keeps following me.  Did I just say that out loud?”

“We are going to talk when you get home.”

“Do we have to?”


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