Personal Power

Personal Power what is it? How to use it.

Nothing Can Hold Back A Dream
Nothing Can Hold Back A Dream


Personal power is power over yourself, your life, your choices, not just the small things but everything. It is an inner power that helps you to change your life and learn self-mastery. It is a power that helps you respond to negative situations with a positive attitude. It gives you the strength to own your choices and by doing so to create the life you desire for yourself to, achieve what you want. Personal power solves problems and moves mountains in your life.
Personal power is about you and your life. It is not about having power over anyone or anything else. It is very important that you remember this.
Where does personal power originate? It belongs to you, it is a natural part of you. We all know that we have power as defined in the dictionary “it is the ability to do, act or produce”. Personal power takes that a step further and it gives you the ability to choose what to do, how to act and what to produce. For example you may “act” shy but it is not helping you make friends. Your personal power kicks in and you choose to “act” friendly and extroverted. This choice helps you produce something you need in your life “friends”. It isn’t easy to make that type of change but it is very possible with the use of your Personal Power.
Personal power originates from within it is a part of your spiritual side. Properly activated personal power can and does help you make changes that can be seen and felt in the physical. We speak about the mind, body and soul connection here we will learn that the soul connection can give the mind and the body wings to fly with and to pursue dreams. This soul connection has many names it can be called the Soul, Divine Consciousness, Universal Spirit, Higher Power, Divine Mind, God/Goddess Power. It is up to you what you want to call the place your personal power originates from but it is important to be comfortable with this part of you. It is from here that your happiness and your success come and from here that you are able to change your life. Consider this the doer in your life, that which gives you the ability to act. Personal power is based on the use of the absolute power available to the human being. In a world that is becoming more complex each day it is easy to feel as if you are losing control of your own life. The feeling that you must go it alone and that you are powerless to control things in your life comes when you are using only your mind or intellect to direct your life. Activating your personal power allows you to maintain control and to change things in your life as well.
But most importantly activating your personal power means you are no longer standing alone against the demands and pressures of everyday life you will now have help.

Which of these represent personal power?
[a]Allowing your friends and family to choose for you?
[b]letting your minister or teacher tell you what is best for you?
[c]Researching your choice and deciding what is best for you?

[a]Complaining about being broke and never having any money?
[b]Agreeing with your friends that things are bad and they aren’t going to get better?
[c]Believing that even though you have a problem there is a positive solution and you will find it?

by Dyanna Wyndesong Spiritual advisor, holistic spiritual life coach

The picture[Nothing Can Hold Back A Dream by Jody Bergsma ] is from a card that I received at a time when I needed to make some hard life choices. I smile now when I think of the sender, because he understood how those choices could and would change my life. He was also able to see the choice I made would actually direct me down the path of my dream instead of away from them.