The Ancient Art of Bone Reading

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Let’s start from the beginning.  Bone reading, also called bone scrying or casting the bones, is an ancient form of divination found in many cultures around the world.  West Africa, Asia and the Americas all have variations of bone reading in their indigenous cultures.

The ancient Chinese used turtle shells and bones to predict the outcome of crops, advise military leaders on battle strategy and assist the royal family (for better or worse!) on matters of the national policy.

Slaves brought over their bone reading traditions from West Africa to the Americas, most commonly using chicken and possum bones to tell fortunes.

Throughout the Old Testament, a number of colorful Biblical characters used bone divination as a means to predict the future and advise patrons on matters ranging from the ordinary to issues of communal or tribal importance.

Okay.  I want to try it!  What do I do? 

To begin…

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