Cauldron Banishing Ritual


Moody Moons

Now that Samhain has passed, and the moon is waning, it’s a nice time to clear out unwanted people or energies from your life.  This simple all-purpose banishing ritual is quick and easy.

You will need:

*cauldron or fire safe dish
*matches or lighter
*dried rosemary
*piece of paper (parchment is nice)
*bottle of spring water

samhain cauldron smaller

Because this will produce a lot of smoke, I definitely recommend going outside.

Gather your ingredients in a basket or bag and head out to find a nice, quiet spot under the waning moon.

1.  In this season, dead, dried leaves aren’t hard to come by.  Gather some of them, along with some twigs or other items to create a small cauldron fire.  Using the warmth of a cauldron fire in this season of cooler weather brings a nice touch to any ritual.

2.  Write down a symbol that represents what you want…

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