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Miss Amanda Peachtree, AKA Peaches, came from a long line of broom makers.  Her family members were were considered to be experts in the field.  Peaches learned the art of broom making at her mother’s knee and had a natural talent for choosing just the right tree for the right twigs.  She learned knotting early and was able to knot her twigs so tightly to the branch, there was little chance of a mishap.  As she grew older Peaches began to test Oak, Ash, Willow, Elm, and Birch for their speed and ability to take corners.  She fine tuned each and every broom she crafted for maximum performance.

Peaches reputation spread quickly and she was soon inundated with hundreds of special orders.  They always kept standard brooms in the shop, of course,  brooms that anyone could afford or use in an emergency situation.  But witches were clamoring for…

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