Temperance is number fourteen in the Major Arcana and in the Universal Rider Waite deck of tarot cards it depicts an angel figure with huge red wings, wearing a white robe, standing on the edge of a small pool with one foot in the water and one out of it. There are daffodils growing around the edges of the pool and a path leading away from it towards mountains in the distance. Over the mountains is a sun which looks to have a golden crown in the middle.

Temperance is about balance, harmony, patience and moderation. When this card comes up in a reading you may be being asked to look at where your life could be out of balance. Perhaps you’re feeling anxious and experiencing a need to take action to achieve what you want. This card brings to mind the phrase “patience is a virtue” and encourages you to let go of wanting it all now or holding on tight to how you think things ought to be. The angel looks to be gently testing the waters so it’s about not being impetuous or rushing headlong along some particular path or into some particular course of action.

Temperance encourages you to take your time and know that “doing” isn’t the only way to achieve things. Instead, learn how to find that place of inner calm where you can access peace no matter what the outer circumstances are. You may be in the midst of stress, anxiety and difficulties but know that you have access at any time to this inner tranquillity so that you’re not reacting and responding to what’s going on and possibly making wrong choices. It encourages you to know the wisdom of not letting things get to you and knock you off balance or put you out of kilter but be able to trust that inner voice, be at peace and know that you’re guided to what is right for you. So take the time to listen, to tune in and follow your inner guidance and allow things to evolve naturally without being forced or having to push.

Temperance indicates a balance between your inner and outer world, between being and doing. It’s also about blending opposites: such as success and failure, happiness and sorrow. When you draw Temperance in your reading then know that maintaining harmony and balance within yourself gives you tranquillity. Take a step back from your life to the place of the witness or observer so that you can see the bigger picture and are open to possibilities. Be willing to mix and match until you get the right mixture for you and find what works. Until then, remain calm and keep going.

If you draw Temperance in a reading about your career then it could suggest that patience is needed and not to try to force things. Perhaps you’re wanting a salary increase or a promotion in which case it may be that you have to wait and it’s not going to happen immediately. So it’s about not giving up but persevering. If you’re facing a difficult situation at work then it encourages you to not get caught up in any upheaval but to maintain your own place of inner calm and relaxation and you’ll find it easier to deal with any stress around you.

If drawn in answer to a relationship question then Temperance again indicates the need for calm and patience. So if you’re looking to meet someone and wondering if it will ever happen then it suggests relax and not let yourself get stressed or worried or try to force things. If you’re just starting a relationship then it would indicate that it may help to take things slowly and really get to know the other person rather than rushing headlong into anything. If you’re in an established relationship then it suggests that tolerance and compassion can help you. To look for ways to co-operate and come together, to talk calmly and openly about any problems or issues and not letting your emotions run away with you or reacting in the heat of the moment.

If you have a health issue then Temperance reminds you that your healing lies within you. You have the ability to look after yourself and establish well-being. So you may see a doctor, seek advice, explore complementary therapies, look at exercise, nutrition, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and then know that you’re in charge of your own well-being to find that which is right for you.

Temperance highlights balance and harmony. Look to align your energy and create inner peace and follow your inner guidance.

About the Author

Jillian is a professional tarot reader, energy healer and life coach, helping you move past blocks and obstacles to creating and living the life you desire. Positive, encouraging, supportive guidance, coaching and healing. Available internationally via skype, phone and email. www.askjillian.net