Flamingo Spirit Heals the Heart

Flamingo Spirit Heals the Heart
Flamingo Spirit Heals the Heart
Writing is my favourite mode of expression, and finding inspiration on what to write about is around me all the time and is constantly evolving. So today when I rested my laptop on a cushion that was given to me as a gift, the cushion took me on a narrative.

There I was staring at this lovely cushion and the images started to come alive. There was the sun, the flowers, the birds, the temple, the trestle table…but it was the flamingos that captured my imagination and spoke out to me today.

My first memories of flamingos were the opening credits of Miami Vice Winking face Too young to watch the programme itself, my sister used to allow me to watch the opening credits because I thought the theme tune was so “ damn funky” and I loved the “big pink birds”.

So yeh my first dalliance of flamingos was not the most spiritual per se but “signs” are not always delivered in the most “profound” way. Spirituality is a way of life and it permeates our every moment if we are open to seeing what it shows us.

So what is the significance of flamingos? These pink beauties, as a spiritual totem, teaches the importance of balance, rebirth and heart healing.

Pink is the colour associated with the heart chakra and the pink colouring in flamingos vibrate with heart and emotional energies. Discarding that which no longer belongs in your life is what flamingo spirit encourages one to do, and to follow your heart in all of your endeavours.

Gemstones associated with flamingo spirit and heart energies include rose quartz, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, ruby, pink tourmaline and pink opal.

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