Jo Jayson

Jo Jayson

Jo Jayson Expressing the Divine Feminine In her art at Expressions of the Goddess

Jo JaysonIn my most random search and exploration of artists that I find interesting I came across Jo Jayson, a British born and raised painter living and working in New York.

I found her website called ”Expressions of the Goddess” and was immediately captured by her paintings. The colors are vivid and radiant, and I like the ”bling” effect of the stones and gold that she makes use of, as well as the mix of realism and fantasy in the images. Her portrayals of people, mostly women, are very naturalistic, as are the ”props” – often flowers, butterflies, feathers, crystals and stones – yet the situations and all the different element put together create a more dreamy, mystic reality.

”Goddess Chakra Series” is a suite of seven paintings, made in oil and with a collage technique on canvas that she seems to be using in many of her other works as well.Jo Jayson

Another series is the ”Expressions of the Divine Feminine”, which consists of thirteen portraits of goddesses and other divinely inspired women, like Isis and Brighid, Mary Magdalene and Jeanne d’Arc.

Jo JaysonA third series is titled ”Moments in time”. The techniques in these paintings vary, besides the oil and collage, she also uses chalk pastels and simply gold leaves with the oil paint. These paintings are all portraits of one kind or another, of women, of a woman with a man, with a baby. Serene and intimate moments in time.

Always sketching and painting while growing up, Jo Jayson went on to study fine art but instead of sticking with it she went into advertising and working as a librarian in a gallery.

As this was not her true calling it didn’t satisfy her deeper urges and after a few years she instead decided to pursue an education to become a mural and decorative painter, which is still a part of her profession besides her fine art works.Jo Jayson

She started with her goddess paintings as a result of a divorce, in her pursuit of healing herself emotionally, inspired by the divine feminine energy, by myths, legends and Celtic culture.

Besides her paintings on canvas she has other products available, such as silk scarves, jewelry, oils and  candles and you can find reproductions and prints of many the paintings, also in the form of cards. From the seven chakra paintings she has created a meditation kit. Jo also gives workshops and classes and can be met and seen at shows and fairs around the US.

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