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Label Spotlight: Tiger’s Milk Records


Tiger’s Milk Records

Tiger’s Milk Records is a record label aimed at launching new Peruvian artists as well as rediscovering some classic funk from years gone by.

Latin American music is a popular genre worldwide – with Cuban salsa and Brazilian samba being popular exports. And now Peruvian music – which draws on punk, funk, electronica, and folk to the more native sounds of chicha and cumbia – is coming into the spotlight thanks to producer, chef and restaurateur, Martin Morales.

Tiger’s Milk Records is the brainchild of Martin Morales and Duncan Ballantyne. As deep connoisseurs of Peruvian culture, Tiger’s Milk Records was conceived as a means of sharing Peru’s rich and multi-faceted music, both past and present.

Having previously run iTunes Pan Europe and Disney Music Group, the half-Peruvian, half-English Martin Morales now oversees the award-winning Ceviche and Andina Peruvian Restaurants in London. Visit one of his restaurants and not only will you be treated to a taste sensation but a vibrant soundscape in the background which serves as a thrilling introduction to Peru’s culture.

Martin Morales has spent many years working with an array of musicians including pop artists such as Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, but it was his love and passion for Peruvian music that inspired him to create Tiger’s Milk Records back in 2013.

“I share my passion for food with a passion for music and have also dedicated much of my life to making and promoting it,” Martin Morales explained. “I’ve produced compilations of diverse artists such as King Tubby, Chet Baker, Miriam Makeba, and Celia Cruz. At EMI I signed and developed KT Tunstall, Oi Va Voi, and Koop and worked with Joss Stone and Novalima and at Disney, I launched High School Musical, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez in Europe. All that was fun, but the urge to work with my own culture and roots, create a legacy and help new creatives in Peru is my calling.”

Inspired by this effortless mix of old and new, Martin Morales decided to release a series of compilations on Tiger’s Milk to capture the essence of Peruvian sounds. The first, ‘Peru Bravo’, focused on early 70s political funk, while the second, ‘Peru Maravilloso’, picked up late 60s jazz. The latest release from Tiger’s Milk, ‘Peru Boom’, is a guide to the sound of Lima’s youth – tropical bass, a hybrid genre that merges electronic elements with traditional sounds from South America, Africa, Spain, and Peru’s indigenous Andean heritage.

In addition to running Tiger’s Milk Records and his Peruvian restaurants in London, Martin Morales has also been involved in charitable work for Amantani, which helps some of the poorest children in Peru by providing boarding houses for them to sleep and eat, as well as the chance of an education.

“Our aim is to connect our teams in London, our [Ceviche and Andina] customers and fans with Amantani through a series of initiatives and events,” Martin Morales said. “This enables us to raise money for Amantani and create awareness for the fantastic work they are doing in Peru.”

If you want a slice of Peruvian culture and are in London, head to Martin Morales’s Andina where you can sample the interesting flavors and head for the restaurant’s music room to get a taste of Tiger’s Milk’s music roster. Whether you’re completely new to Peruvian music or an ardent collector, Tiger’s Milk offers a snapshot of some of the most vibrant eras in Peruvian music history, as well as the fusions that exist today. http://tigersmilkrecords.com

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