The Natural Psychic… It’s Time

The Natural Psychic... It's Time


The Natural Psychic... It's Time

The Natural Psychic is a new look at a popular metaphysical topic. In this book I am taking a refreshingly clear and practical study of a topic that is often confusing and misrepresented. The goal I have for this book is to make the subject much more user friendly, smarter, and fun for the reader. I will accomplish this with solid, clear information that is presented in a relaxed manner. What do you say we cut through the typical confusing rhetoric of most books on the topic of ESP, and study a more practical guide to psychic abilities and phenomena?

The above paragraph was my pitch for my new book, The Natural Psychic. I pitched the idea about a year and a half ago. Now, it seems that everyone wants to know why, after writing over fifteen books on various topics of witchcraft and magick, that I decided to tackle the psychic development genre? Dear gods! Has the world ended? Quick, somebody go check and see if the sun did indeed rise in the east!

Dugan wrote a non-magickal book?!? Yes I did! Why, you may ask? Oh, I am so delighted to tell you. Because it was time for a change, and psychic development and psychic phenomenon is a topic near and dear to my heart. Truth be told, I came to the Craft over thirty years ago from the side door—and that door was opened by studying psychic phenomenon.

As a young woman I was a walking talking bundle of psychic abilities, I had no control and no understanding of what was happening to me. My husband thought it was amazing, but my family was horrified. My friends thought it was cool—so long as I would tell them about their love life or their future after college. I, personally, was torn between being thrilled at what I was able to do, and being terrified of when my next psychic experience would be.

My dreams came true, I experienced eerily accurate waking visions, yet my intuitive abilities were hit or miss. I discovered quite by accident, that if I touched someone, I would see. I could see flashes of their life, and then was able to read their memories. I jolted about a foot up in the air the first time I held my grandmother’s wedding rings and saw a mini movie of her life—from her perspective. Yikes!

If I was stressed or worried, my psychic experiences would become overwhelming and frightening. Radios went berserk, light bulbs blew up, I broke every watch I ever wore, and don’t even ask what happened if I was working around any electronic equipment. I spent years being afraid of my own talents, being made fun of, and feeling like an outcast. All because I had too much ability and too little practical, sensible information to go along with it.

Back in the 1980s there were precious few books available to me on psychic abilities, or ESP as they called it back in the day. Half of the books were loaded with religious overtones or they were too academic. By the time the 1990s rolled around and the New Age movement became popular, I finally got my hands on a few decent books on psychic development. I still have those paperbacks today. So, is this a sob story? No, not at all. It’s to illustrate the point that I know exactly what it’s like to have psychic abilities, and to have no understanding of what is happening or why.

So far the response to the book has been fantastic! I lectured on The Natural Psychic to several hundred people while at Convocation, in February this year. I was tickled to see the positive reactions. It was so much fun to give folks the information in a non-denominational, straight up way, and then watch the crowd figure it all out for themselves. Their excitement was contagious. After all, the best person to tell you what abilities you actually have is you!

For example, when someone tells me they have had a precognitive experience—as in they gained detailed information about a future event—which then came true… my first question to them is, “How did you receive the information?”

Did they see a vision? Then they are using the ability of clairvoyance.

Did they hear the information in a sort of inner monologue? Or did they overhear someone else’s thoughts? Congratulations, that is clairaudience.

Did they just know? Well then, that would be claircognizance—also known as psychic intuition—at work.

Did they gain the information through their own emotions, or perhaps they divined information by picking up on someone else’s feelings? That would be clairsentience—also known as psychic-empathy.

I immediately point out to them that the very words they use to describe the experience gives them their own answers. Take a hard look at your own psychic experiences, then consider how you verbally describe them. I saw, heard, knew, felt… get it?

Once you start to break down what you are experiencing, and what terms you use to describe it, the answers are right there in front of you. The question is, are you willing to put the work in, stretching out with those natural talents to see what you can discover about yourself? Or, are you going to allow yourself to be limited by what someone else tells you about yourself?

I have a hunch I know what your answer will be.

If you want a straight up guide to the realm of psychic abilities and phenomena, then The Natural Psychic is the book for you! At last here is a down-to-earth training manual designed to help you better comprehend your own psychic abilities. Yes, The Natural Psychic is still written with humor. (That hasn’t changed.) There is plenty of no-nonsense advice, a sprinkling of personal stories, and tons of practical knowledge. Plus, you will discover a vast array of information on the topics of psychic experiences, psychic abilities, and psychic phenomena.

I’ve got the practical information and experience that you need to understand and accomplish the personal development goals you have set out for yourself. Spend some time with me and prepare to laugh, to learn, and to grow. You’ll be glad you did.

Ellen Dugan Ellen Dugan
Ellen Dugan is the award-winning author of fifteen books, and is known as the “Garden Witch”. A psychic-clairvoyant, she has been a practicing Witch for over thirty years. Well known for her candor and humor, she is a Master Gardener, and is the High…  Read more

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