Cristina McAllister

Cristina McAllister

Cristina McAllister: Symbolic art and DreamCuffs

 Cristina McAllister

Cristina McAllister is on a quest to “inspire mindfulness, reverence and celebration” through the world of symbolic imagery.

Cristina McAllister

The LA-based artist incorporates a dynamic blend of influences – Celtic knotwork, art nouveau, fantasy art and traditional folk art – to create decorative art, jewelry and mobile art that is steeped in mysticism, as well as sacred and spiritual traditions.Cristina McAllister


Cristina McAllisterCristina McAllister’s interpretation of the four elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water – combines modern graphic art with sacred symbology in a way that is Cristina McAllistereye-catching and appealing to a wide audience, be they teenagers into fantasy art and digital arts or native art lovers.

“My inspiration comes from many sources; symbolism, spiritual ideas, traditional cultural art, fantasy themes, mythology, and nature. Anything that fires my imagination!” the self-taught artist says.

Cristina McAllisterFor her artwork entitled ‘Love V.2’, Cristina McAllister explores the many aspects of love in the one piece – a visual and colorful expression of love in its entirety. The canvas highlights a figure who embraces herself, symbolizing self love and acceptance. Her outstretched arms offer love to her fellow human beings, and she gently reaches out to the flowers below, showing love for Nature. The red roses are a symbol of romantic love. Universal love is represented by a winged mandala depicting the Buddhist concept of the Universe, featuring the Ohm emblem of Universal Harmony. On her headdress is a symbol that combines the heart and the infinity sign, expressing Eternal Love.

As a professional illustrator and artist, Cristina McAllister has been fortunate to explore a number of mediums and outlets to showcase her work. One of the most buoyant of which was a gypsy-style camper trailer which she created with her husband, utilizing his building skills and her artistic flair. The spirited camper trailer, known as Calliope, has done its fair share of outings at festivals since its birth in 2011.

Cristina McAllisterBut more recently Cristina McAllister has taken her creativity to a new level with a line of fantasy-styled cuffs, DreamCuffs™, applying a Cristina McAllister combination of digital die cutting, paper craft and cosplay techniques. The leather base-layered cuffs are beautiful arm guards that are just as appealing to the magic user, fancy dress party goer or anyone wanting to channel their favourite gaming hero.



Images copyright: Cristina McAllister

Cristina McAllister’s artwork and DreamCuffs are available to buy from


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