Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking

Positive Thinking

“The power of positive thinking…Yes, I know, this phrase has been repeated so many times that it has lost it’s meaning to most. The basic fact is that you truly do create things with your words and thoughts. They are very powerful and most humans spend their whole lives brandishing these powerful weapons at the universe without any clue as to what they have done…to themselves or to the universe.

Most of us know that every atom, of every molecule, of everything, in this reality and beyond are made up of energy. The things that are in your life are there because you conceived of them at some point and they are held together with mind glue. Yep, that’s what I call it. Mind glue that has shaped and formed the energy of your thoughts and beliefs into what you see in your life today.

We all have said at some point, “but I do think positive”. I have found at least with my own self in the past that this may not be the whole truth. For example, every day I go for a walk. I can walk for up to 6 miles and on the way home there is a small hill. Now, after walking for 6 miles, that hill began to look like a mountain and I began calling it “Devils Hill”. It was a joke really, I would laugh and just keep trudging and puffing up that mountain, forcing myself to make it.

Then one day it dawned on me what I had been doing. I was literally making a mountain out of a mole hill. From that moment on the hill became “Apple Butt Hill”. That was even funnier, but the point was well taken and every day after that, the hill got smaller and smaller until now it is just what it always was, a small hill.

So, when your life gets crazy just remember that the illusion is no more real than the mountain that I had created. Look at the problem with the proper perspective. Be mindful always of the words that you speak and think even when joking and in that way you can assure that the life that you create will be what you want and not what your mind glue creates for you.

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Toni Wooten is a master psychic and tarot card reader assisting those on their journey through life. She is also a jewelry artist specializing in the use of the energy of natural products made from the earth in her work. Creating beautiful works of art that are uplifting and energetically functional.





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