VERTICAL GARDEN BLOOMS WITH 85,000 PLANTS IN THE HEART OF BOGOTA Behold: the largest vertical garden in the world. Located in Bogota, Colombia, the Santalaia building is completely covered with a lush layer of 85,000 plants that span 3,100 square meters (33,368 square feet). via Vertical Garden Blooms With 85,000 Plants in The Heart of Bogota — ALK3R

Amazing Street Art Installations That Cleverly Interact With Nature


The Meaning of Color: Green

Deck the Halls in Many Colors

Colors associated with Yule Red, green, gold, white, silver, yellow, and orange. I also add blue to my Yule decorations. Here are some colorful variation to ignite your decorative flair if you are looking for some new ideas to deck the halls.

Healthy Home: How to Go Green With a Living Wall or Roof