Day 49 Seven Powers Charm Used for Healing and Comfort by Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf

On Day One we started with the idea of a mini-release program to help us motor through the tidal wave of the bizarre change that we faced.  I think we were all pretty excited to work together — keeping it simple; yet, accomplishing somethingeach day.  The program worked well, until, in the third week, I realized that there was nothing “mini” about our collective experience.  As the days continued to march forward and we all began to change in different ways, I understood that at some point, I would have to transform our work from the release program and the quarantine mindset to something a little gutsier.  Something that could met the challenges you face.

Explain to me how there is still NO toilet paper?  What beastly creature has absconded with those fluffy rolls for its nest?  How many little mishappen creatures will be born with a penchant to…

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