Photography & Thoughts: Winter Musings


Sumyanna Writes

I know I’ve been away for a while now – and somehow, when I am away, it always seems as though I will come back much sooner than I am able.  I haven’t written in all this time and no, I don’t mean just here, I mean at all.  Things have been that busy.

I return now, not with an apology, but a realization that I do this solely for me.  I need to be here, because this is the way I deal with stress… by letting those feelings eek out in poetry or be expressed in the vision of flowers standing solidly against the background of blue sky.  This is my guilty pleasure and where I am finally able to be free to do something solely for me.

Being a mom is difficult work and being a homeschooling mom is that much tougher.  As moms, we often feel guilty…

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