Between You & Me

Between You & MeBetween You & Me by Susan Wiggs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a well-written story that brought together two people from very different backgrounds who had a very similar problem. Caleb and Reese met when Caleb’s nephew had a farming accident that caused him to lose his arm. Reese was one of the interns that worked on Jacob in trauma when he came in. Resse sensed that Caleb was out of his element in the city and in the hospital so she went out of her way to help him while his nephew was in the hospital. Caleb was not comfortable with being Plain yet that was what his Amish upbringing insisted on for him and his niece and nephew. Reese was the only child of wealthy successful parents. Her parents expected her to join their medical practice when she finished her education.
This story shows how tradition and doing what is expected of you can create conflict in life. It also shows how following your heart can make life a joy. I enjoyed the descriptions of the locations that the writer used to help the story unfold. This story has heart touching emotional moments as you struggle along with Caleb, Reese, Jonah, and Hannah while they try to carve out a life that works for them amid unbending traditions and parental expectations.

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