Jazz Age Wednesdays 20 ― Pip and Holding On Part 2

Great finish Teagan. Worth the wait!

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

1923 Harold Lloyd Safety Last clockHarold Lloyd in Safety Last, 1923

Welcome back to Jazz Age Wednesdays.  Last time I posted part-1 of a story I wrote because Hugh Roberts, of Hugh’s Views & News, asked me to participate in his new feature series.  (Click here for Hugh’s post.)

Writing Process

Lately the real world has provided an over abundance of the “s” word.  Take that anyway you want, but I meant stress.  Stress drain.  It leaves me depleted of… well everything.  When that happens it’s extremely difficult for me to write, as this story proves. I spent two weeks of my writing time developing a simple short story.  I finished it last week, but I didn’t manage to make it short enough for one post, but today we have the conclusion. 

Pip and Holding On


City Hall Savannah 1920sSavannah, Georgia City Hall 1920

After parking the Model-T, I…

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