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Guest Post: We see what we choose to see

We see what we choose to see

The dandelion is considered a pest, a weed; being of no value or beauty. It is regarded as something to be dug up and thrown away.

Yet the floral meaning of the dandelion is connected with happiness and a promise of faithfulness. It is associated with the Roman sun god, Apollo, who was the god of medicine/healing; with the Celtic sun god Belenus; and with the goddess Hecate and intuition, prediction and clarity of vision. The dandelion is a glorious golden-yellow reminiscent of the light and warmth of the sun and positivity and joy. The sunlight casts light on what is hidden. The name dandelion is from the French “dent de lion” or lion’s teeth and this gives associations of courage and family, such as in a pride of lions.

One of the reasons that the dandelion is seen as a weed and pest is because it keeps re-growing and seems to get everywhere. This is because its roots stay alive during the cold of winter and spread. It can also grow in almost any conditions. Yet this also gives it qualities of resilience and determination. And do you remember as a child blowing on the puff-ball of seeds to make your wishes come true? Or using them to make predictions for the future such as “he loves me, he loves me not” or reciting the months of the year with each breath you blew on the seeds to determine when something might happen.

So this one single flower reminded me that I can choose what I want to see. I can choose whether I see the dandelion as a weed and pest or a beautiful flower. So each moment of my life I can also choose what I see. How do I see others’ actions and behavior? What interpretations do I place on them and does that mean they’re true? When I look at myself, what do I see? Do I see flaws that need to be fixed? Or do I see beauty in my imperfections? When I look at my life do I see what’s missing? Do I focus on those things I’d really like to have but aren’t there or do I see what is there already? There is no right and wrong. This isn’t about judging myself and finding fault. The dandelion is what it is. It is me that filters what I see when I look at it. The dandelion may be any of the things I mentioned – or none of them. But my life and my world will be colored by what I see when I look at it. So I choose to keep my heart and awareness open.

About the Author

Jillian is a professional tarot reader, energy healer and life coach, helping you move past blocks and obstacles to creating and living the life you desire. Positive, encouraging, supportive guidance, coaching and healing. Available internationally via skype, phone and email.

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