Personal Festival of Lights

Personal Festival of Lights

Personal Festival of Lights

Yule Personal Festival of Lights

This Yule make a list of the things you desire to attract to your life in the upcoming year. When you have carefully accessed your list and removed or added to it as you deem necessary place your list upon your altar. Now gather all the candles that you have used but have not completely burned down. Place these in candle holders, feel free to improvise as needed. Group these candles together on a table or on your altar.[for this magick use only candles that have been used for attraction or other positive magick] Carefully place some greenery [Pine – for protection, money drawing properties
Cedar – for purification, protection, money
balsam fir – healing, money, protection,
rosemary – emotional spirit, youthful outlook, and pleasant memories] along with a few cinnamon sticks among the candles, make sure they are not close enough to the candles to cause a fire hazard. Now add the candles that represent the season for you. Light your candles then take your list and as you read each item on your list take the time to visualize how having that item in your life will change it, visualize what that change will look like. Take your time with each item on this list, when you have finished your list. Say: “Thanks to all the positive energy that is helping me reach my desires, So it is and so it must be and I know this is already done for me”. Sit with your candles for a while then let them burn out completely.

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