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Full Moon Magick

Full Moon Magick

Simple Full Moon Magick for Wishing and Money try to have fun when you do these spells. Capture the energy of uplifting silver light from the moon let it fill you and lift your spirits as you make your wish. I have used the wishing spell many times and it has worked well for me. The full moon is a good time to do healing and protection magic too.

Full Moon Magick: Penny Wishing Spell

Take 9 shiny new pennies outside during the full moon. Face the moon and let her light shine upon you. Open your arms as if to embrace the moon,and make your wish. then say:

“You have said that when you’re round,
prayers are answered, chains unbound
you promise that by the light of you,
all one’s wishes shall come true.”
Toss the pennies in the direction of the moon and say:
“Please take this token of my love
as your silver light shines from above
please bring me what i ask you
by darkest night and morning dew.”
Thank the moon and leave.

Full Moon magick: Money Spell

What you need:
Silver coins
Cauldron or bowl
full moon on a thursday if possible

Half fill the bowl or cauldron with water and drop a silver coin into it. Position it so the light of the Full Moon shines onto the water. Gently sweep your hands above the surface, symbolically gathering up the Moon’s silver.

While you are gathering the Moon’s silver, say:
Goddess of the moon, grant your supplicant this boon
bring to me wealth right soon
Fill my hands with silver and gold
All you give my purse will hold.
Chant this 3 times
Leave the bowl in the moonlight, next day pour the water onto what ever plant may need it. Keep the coins with you.

source [author Dorothy Morrison]

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