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Spell for family gatherings

This little spell is designed to help keep harmony and good feelings flowing during your family gatherings this Winter Holiday Season.


Spell for Harmony in family gatherings
In this family unit there is peace and harmony
where ever and when ever our family gather
we share good times and make wonderful memories
There is joy,
There is happiness
We enjoy the times we share
We know how precious it is to have family that care
This family is surrounded by peace and harmony
So it is and so mote it be
You may enhance this spell by working with the pictures of your family members that you will be spending time with. Arrange the pictures so you can place your power hand over them as you say the spell [place you power hand over each picture]. Finally holding a white or pink candle in your power hand chant the spell three times. Light the candle and let it burn as part of your centerpiece or mantle decorations while your guest are present.

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