Fall DIY Centerpieces

Fall Centerpieces

Fall DIY centerpieces to make your fall tables pop.

Using the ideas below you can put a bit of Fall in every room. Or create a show stopping piece for the dining room or living room. What I really like is that these arrangements look good right through all of your fall celebrations. The beautiful floral arrangement will last at least 2 months and the gourds will be picture perfect right through Thanksgiving.


Golden GourdsRavenhawks' Magazine anniversary

What You Need:


Gourds in desired shapes and sizes

Gold spray or acrylic paint

Paintbrush, if needed

Cake plate


1. Prepare work surfaces. Cover the work surface with newspaper in a well-vented area. Wash and dry the gourds.

2. Paint the gourds. Spray-paint the gourds using gold paint. Or, if desired, paint the gourds with acrylic paints using a paintbrush. Let the paint dry.

3. Pile them high. Stack and arrange the gourds on a cake plate.

Found on BHG


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